Thursday, April 22, 2010

tips tops

im done with my one and only external paper for this semester, titas. it was fine and i have no regrets for not spending my time on notes. i was pigging out on bed most of the time. i guess my brain works best when i'm asleep. the best reason for a lazy person could think.

study has been demanding. final and professional exam are waiting. gotta find back my scattered and abandoned notes. its everywhere in the room. honestly, i'm aiming for the viva session which will be handled by Dr. David Ferguson from UK. in other words, i have to get an A before i can experience it myself. nothing is impossible, pretty girl.

good luck everyone. few useful tips
  • do not leave your answer sheets blank, without a single point. even if you don't know how to explain and elaborate, one single word of point might help you to get marks.
  • good handwriting really helps, psychologically to the lecturer. this is one of other few reminders given by my lecturer. according to Dr. Gupalo, if you give us headache, we'll give you migraine.
  • i dont know how this one tip works but during my diploma days, i used to write my name next to my matric number. some says, its a big NO NO but i guess that hypothesis is applied if you're a troublemaker student. or else, its not a big deal especially if the lecturer recognizes you. so juniors, take note.
  • sleep sleep sleep. don't ever assume that if you sleep less and study more, you will gain something beyond your expectations. our brain needs time to rest for memorization.
im looking forward for holiday.


Anonymous said...

arent u suppose to get an A+ to be selected for distinction viva?
Btw, good luck! :)
-farah sofia :)

anyssa said...

if im not mistaken, for oral biology pro exam case, you'll be selected for viva if your get an A. and if you pass their freaking questions, you'll get that A+ distinction.

good luck to you too, farah! bumped with you in the fac soo many times and i know you've been working your ass off for this pro exam.

Sofia said...

ohh ic your distinction is A+ eh? then lain with us students distinction is A*. nak dapat viva kena dapat A+

yea, slalu jumpa with my messy face. stress banyak kerja.huhu...thank u btw :)