Friday, April 30, 2010

new study method

i realized i haven't been blogging since last week because i felt like i had nothing blog-worthy to share. yes, i know i was in my study leave since a week ago but, really i have been busier than ever with notes and my unorganized room. sure i checked daily news, updated gossips and followed my favourite blog religiously but by the time i was done with my daily clicks i would just yawn at the thought of blogging.

and i realized that i have been studying like never before though most of the time were filled with dozing off on the couch and i have no time to pamper myself with a shopping treat! i woke up every morning with 'i have nothing to wear' thought in my head. weird, no? and what makes it weirder, the credit card bill has been enormously increased. i wonder where did it all came from? *hello auntyna!*

one of my study methods is 'always reward yourself with something'. i always reward myself whenever i'm done with one lecture note. i said to myself, "if you want to watch the television, you have to finish up this atherosclerosis notes" And "if you want to sleep, finish this notes till it's last sentence" this method worked MOST of the time. not ALL the time ;p

so today i said to myself, "if you want to get your hands on the credit card, finish up H&L module". and yes i did it. off i went to OU.

see told ya. it worked on me!

i'm wearing a casual evening dress bought from my sister's blogshop. nadi, see how bad is the word bought/buy from your own blood sister? hahahaha. well apparently, she is setting up a fashion blogshop that sells lots of beautiful yet affordable outfits. no worries girls, i've tried all of them. all of the items got my approval. i'll blog more about it in my next post.


Project Love said...

awwww..cantiks lah this dress.. i loike! tqvm..haha

anyssa said...

your shopblog post is up next!