Tuesday, April 6, 2010

in and out

so when people asks me, what will you be doing tonight? my answer is study. as simple as that. i used to think that 'that' reason is lame but not anymore. i'm proud to say that i'll be studying tonight, so don't bother to text or call me because i'm in my own pharmacology/microbiology/pathology world. pharmaco and microbe for tonight btw.

some pictures on my visit to my brother's national service camp. the initial plan was to visit him on the second week of the training program which is this coming weekend. we thought only spoiled kids would ask their parents to come over but surprisingly, my brother is one of them. sigh. and we brought along nenek as he wished.

this one spoiled kid

or is he being spoiled by his sister?

we brought along polaroid camera for instant pictures


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yas smat