Saturday, April 3, 2010


i realized that i miss my brother. although we only meet each other only during weekends, now knowing that he's not around and we would not be able to meet each other, it made me miss him even more.

i texted my mom

me: are you going to visit yas this weekend?
mom: i dont think so. this is his first week. let him adapt to the new life first. anyhow, we'll wait for his phone call this saturday and see if he needs anything. i miss him. im looking at his photo on my desktop.

and this morning, i received phone call from my mom's office

mom: yas just called just now and he wants us to come tomorrow. he's bored and the food sucks.
me: owh lets bring mcD or kfc!
mom: no. he wants rice. and he misses nenek too. he asked us to bring nenek along tomorrow.
me: okay lets go tomorrow. who else is going?
mom: bapak might not be able to join us. yas said he dont mind if bapak cant make it. as long as we bring nenek, he'll be alright.

and i laughed.

no matter how bad and troublesome you are, you still have your family at the end of the day. no matter how hard is your heart, you will eventually think of your family although for just a second. keep yourself to the ground and dont forget what your parents have taught you throughout your life.


Anonymous said...

alias juara gi plkn ke.
jom g pulau 9hb ni.

anyssa said...

yeat! rindu!

haah yas dah pegi. nisa nak pergi tengok die hari ni.

9bb april? weeknend ni? saya class lah sayang. siapa lagi pergi?

Anonymous said...

alang,baby,ramai gak.

icg tak pergi.
nasir tak pergi.
jay xpegi
nisa xpegi
xpulau la macamni

anyssa said...

hahahaha yeat.nisa ada test sayang. bulan 5 or 6 nanti eh.