Tuesday, February 2, 2010

talking about holidays

it's lunch hour right now and i'm in class pretending that i'm resistant to this cold. it's freezing in here.

my brother, yas said that he wants to go for diving before he leaves for national service somewhere in march/april. and i nodded my head and agreed immediately. you know how excited i am when it comes to scuba diving.

i have one week of chinese new year break. i went around and tell everyone about this. until i got 'this' news.

this morning, i went to class as usual. 8 am everyday. i reached 5 minutes earlier than usual(8am ngam ngam), so instead of rushing to the class, i decided to stop at the faculty's notice board just outside of the class. one notice ruined my 'morning glory' morning to a 'cranky grumpy' morning.

i have mid-term exam on this coming 22nd. ok i dont mind bout this. expected.

another news is, there will be NO holiday for chinese new year for dentistry students. other students from other faculties will have a one week break. okay this is not funny at all. yes people, im not joking. we're going to have our 'private' holiday after the mid-term exam when everyone is busy with classes. smart. i'll be pig-ing out at home then =(

i need to socialize again

i hate it when they went 'oh u know this guys is going out with that guy'
and i will be like 'who is that guy and which girl is that'


kudapolo said...

cranky news it is.

anyssa said...

menyakitkan hati :(