Tuesday, February 23, 2010

inhaling holy-day air

so .....

im all free now!
okay not a total freedom but yeah, a little more time to breathe.
please bear with me, i'm just too excited with the word "holiday" though for only 3 days -.-"
cardiovascular module, bring it on!

after a long argument on why this bluetooth application thingy is not working on this laptop, wood proved me wrong by making it possible. and the result is tadaaa....there goes my 8am morning face.

okay i want to make a public anouncements here. ehem ehem...

to one of the main adrenaline in my veins

happy 22nd birthday to jannah jaafar sidek
may god bless you and your future

and an advance birthday wish to bahril ilmi

do you guys realize how old you are? count 1 up till 22 and you'll get tired as you reach the number because hail it's loooooong.hahahahah.after all, i'm still the baby of the crew. heh.

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