Monday, February 8, 2010

till death do us apart

"till death do us apart"

i've never believed this phrase. i assume most of us would say this to his/her special ones. but what will happen to this promise if the relationship does not work? it is going to be 'till argument do us apart' then.

however 2 stories had completely changed my mind towards this phrase.

last week, a friend of mine lost her other half. i dont really know her boyfriend but i know how much he loves this guy. she would travel all the way from jengka to kl almost every weekend just to be with him. if i'm not mistaken, they even got a future business together and planned to get married. but now, it's all history. he passed away few hours after he got stung by a bee. i cant imagine how devastated she felt when the person that she loves died in her arms, infront of her.

my mum had her 5 hours of reconstructive surgery last saturday. she went into the operation theater around 7.30am and went out at 2pm. her lovely husband, which is my dad*heh* waited for her love from 9am though he knew that he is not allowed to be in the operation theater during the operation. he sat outside of the operation theater doing nothing until her lovely daughter*ehem* brought lunch for him and we ate after my mum went out. the love that he showed was incomparable.

eternal love lasts forever and now, i believe this phrase.


fara rasep said...

i tak dapat balik :(

still cant let him go. keeps on thinking on how nice he was..

anyssa said...

There's hidden reason why He gave him someone that trully loves him in his short period of life.