Wednesday, February 17, 2010

younger than 22

happy wednesday world.

im sitting on the carpeted floor at the corner of the class listening to my classmate's presentation. arent you suppose to sit on the seat, anyssa?hehehehe. i'm thankful to be in this course. we get all first class facilities compared to other courses for instance, we're placed in a lecture hall-like class that can fit 60+ students when there are only 30 of us and the seats are just like those in cinemas. this class is carpeted and well equipped with good audio system and other technologies. during lunch hour especially on friday, we'll be watching movie while lying on the floor and food next to us! honestly, this is unfair to other course but it's none of our business and just be thankful with what we're given :)

okay enough of that.

looking at most of my classmates who are mostly 20, make me think of "having a relationship with someone who is younger than my age".i'm 22 this year btw. no, dont get me wrong. not that i have any intention to do so but it just came across my mind for a second.

this is truly my opinion. no offense to anyone else and i'm not taking anyone's relationship as an example.

back then in jengka, when you are in your first year, you are known as the "fresh blood" or "brand new item" by the seniors. but wait till you are in your final year, this is when some new attractive "fresh blood" and "brand new item" caught your eyes.

my bitching partner is non other than jannah js. we'll be 'haunting' for handsome/not-so-handsome-but-i-like-his-style/he's-definitely-not-my-type-but-there's-something-bout-this-guy guy. but we'll turned off as quick as they caught our eyes knowing that he is younger than us.

i dont know why but having a conversation to someone younger is like talking to my own brother. i expect them to respect me as the elders and i respect them in my way too. i can never imagine myself having a relationship with someone younger. but you'll never know. this is when "never say never" phrase comes in line.

someone who is close to me is having a great relationship with someone younger and they are having the time of their lives.

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