Friday, February 5, 2010

4th feb

one of my close friends, jyme(i call him baby) called me up just now.

me: eh awak top up?
*trust me, he can live without a gadget called mobile phone*

baby: eh tak. saya dapat call free
*i know he's trying the give me hints but i'm totally blur*

me: oh dapat credit free dari maxis?

baby: tak jugak. saya dapat call free 24 jam hari ni
*silly girl*

me: eh birthday awak ke? bila birthday awak?
*okay this is so wrong to ask someone when is his/her birthday on his/her birth date*

baby: iye. harini 4hb. birthday saya. taqim punya jugak.

me: oh!!! babyyyy happy birthday
*setupid. and i immediately texted taqim to wish him*

okay people, i am bad in remembering someone's birth date. i'm so sorry if i forget to wish you on your birthday. blame on my weak memory when it comes to this matter.

happy birthday to all of you in advance. just to make sure i do not miss anyone's birthday anymore.

many birthdays on the 4th of feb. so i came out with a new theory(tak habis habis dengan teori kau nyssa), 4th of feb is a lucky date. you guys might wanna think about it if you have any intention to propose your special ones or produce baby. heh. unfortunately, you have to wait for another 365 minus one days for this date to re-appear again. kalau jodoh tak ke mana* eh tiba tiba*

happy birthday to both of you. i love you guys. xoxo

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