Saturday, February 20, 2010

mess me up

1st current mode: 'working' my ass of for mid sem exam for oral biology II module
2nd current mode: dealing with this pms bad day

in other words, i'm studying. yes people, believe me. i'm studying while having this menstrual swinging mood. you really dont want to mess with me when i'm in this mood.

special shout out to nadi: just in case you're going to ou, drop by and bring me some food because my butt is too heavy to move.

i miss my grandma's cooking but she's too weak to cook now. she's currently having a dialysis treatment 3 times a week. and that 3 large-needle-fistula embedded underneath her skin restrict her movements. ryhaann, i know you're craving for her cooking too. rumours(ceh) said, aunty na is going there somewhere in june. so grab some stuff for each and everyone of us so that she'll come back with extra luggage :)

happy birthday to one of those adrenaline in my veins
wan mohd adib or better known as boy
you know i love you and miss you
do well in your studies and make yourself, them and us proud !

so i'll be hiatus is few days. we'll see ;)


ryhaann said...

got a few stuffs already but dunno what to buy for you, nadi and mimin yet laa. order cepat! haha

adibputera said...

Awww thanx alot my dear nisa. Only God knows how much i miss u and sayang u :)

love you.