Tuesday, February 2, 2010

it's her birthday


happy birthday to my blood sister,nadeera lokman

as we're 'aging', i can feel that the bond between us is getting stronger.she used to study in boarding school during her secondary school years and collage and later i went to uitm jengka. back then, we never had the chance for girly talk or pillow talk because both of us have a different life. but now,i'm here in cheras-kajang-ttdi-shah alam, we spent most of our weekends together.

she gave me money if she knows that i'm broke. being a sister, she just cant say NO to her little sister. heeh. she sares her money with us.unlike me. my money is my money -.-"

i use most of her accessories that she had just bought.sometimes, i keep it for months without she realising it.

she will be the one to open the door for me if i come home in the wee hours.

lend me your ipod touch for one week, pretty please ;)

i love you till death.hugs and kisses.

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