Sunday, February 14, 2010


happy holiday everyone. i'm trying to control my emotions right now looking and hearing that some of my friends are going for vacation after 2 months of struggling with studies.

the good things are, you can play 'galah panjang' on the road of uitm. no road congestion. no double-parking. no 5 minits of waiting for the elevator door to open because hail, im sick of waiting and i'm sick of coming late to class due to bad jam in the uitm and lack of parking space for whitey to lay his butt down. my class starts at 8am everyday and i have to be in the compound by at least 7.50am because i will stuck in the jam for more than 10 minits. trust me, the stress is worse than stuck-ing in the federal highway's congestion.

be safe on the road. plan your journey well. and enjoy you holiday, darlings.


kudapolo said...

adoi, splitting holiday rase cam uitm xnk bg students from other courses to mingle with medic & dentistry students je.

bile la aku nk dpt usha awek doctor nih..haha

Sofia said...

kesiannya nyssa x like lazying arnd like nobody's business dh ni.dh la pt nxt week.huhu

anyssa said...

zahid: this is the time u nak tgk dentist and doctors. tak kan confuse dengan budak course lain dah. but damn you're in perhentian now. i hate you.

farah: wait, medic pun cuti? ah i hate you too.hehehehe.

Sofia said...

aha yes darling.kterang pun cuti as well..look on the bright side, at least u get a week of no crazy congestion! grrr

Anonymous said...

maybe its for me...