Monday, May 24, 2010

getting organized

Good monday everyone. I thought holidays will give me more time to update this blog and getting my life organized, but I'm absolutely wrong man! I was everywhere most of the time, 'entertaining' family and friends. Although everyone was told that I'm free until end of June, but I still get surprised faces when I'm still here in Kajang.

Holiday has been great. So far. Get my eyebrows done. More time to embrace the feeling of having long hair by doing experiments to it. Sleep as long as I want, being a good sister by visiting his brother at the ns camp during weekends etc.

Sorry for the prisoner background picture. Probably they were too excited to get cigarettes from my brother. Guess who brought it in? heh.

My brother is labeled as 'anak manja' by his friends because we visited him almost every week! You can't run away from your annoying sisters, can you? Boo.

I need a vacation. Going somewhere by KTMB train is on top of my do-or-die list. Even if it's only one station after KL Sentral.

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