Friday, May 14, 2010

one down four to go

my hands are officially off the notes yesterday. the feeling was indescribable. for the final paper, i came with only pencil box and car key to the exam hall. no notes no hand phone and no bag.

i was singing 'selamat hari raya' song all the way up. how relevant was that with 'merdeka'? i should be singing 'merdeka' song lah kan? never mind. i'll try that next year. they guy in the elevator must have been thinking that i'm crazy. whatever okay guy-in-the-elevator, i'm sitting for my last first year paper like hello can you see my excited face?

i owe you guys bout my sister's shopblog post. and i bout my exam stress and how i coped with it. i want to write bout my one year experience in this faculty and being the only non-hijabi or we call it 'free hair' muslim. too many. okay one by one but later yeah. i have a breakfast date.

one year down. four years to go. getting bigger. getting wiser.


kudapolo said...

welcome to the club!
ha' ni namenye c u t i. hahaha.

anyssa said...