Thursday, May 27, 2010

drug story

I had a very productive and motivational morning today. Just got back from Hospital Serdang to take nenek's monthly medication. She has high blood pressure, diabetes and you know all sorts of other associated diseases like kidney failure. So expect to get baskets of drugs monthly.

Normally when the pharmacist gives out the drugs, she'll explain to the patient their uses and adverse reactions. She will mention those names one by one and it sounded alien to me. I didn't even bother to hear. Wait, it was back then. Not anymore.

Just now, when she gave me the drugs, my eyes were on the box looking for the drugs' names. Since I've learnt Hemopoietic & lymphatic and Cardiovascular module last semester which were closely related to those diseases that nenek has, most of the time I was...

"uuhh valsartan is for Hypertension"

" Oh Frusemide is something for water retention right? But my lecturer spelled it f-u-r-o-s-e-m-i-d-e"

"Aspirin is anti-platelet drugs. But is has side effect on our GIT"

"Yea I know Isosorbide dinitrate is for heart"

Suddenly, my brain was working like how it should be and I can actually remember things. During final weeks, I was nagging all the time saying that I have Alzheimer because I couldn't remember anything from previous lectures. I guess God showed me the truth facts just. haha

I felt like i was part of this medicine world for a second :)

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