Saturday, May 8, 2010

this saturday

I've always love saturdays. You wake up late without having to think about traffic jam or late for classes. It's fine to be unproductive on this day because you still have Sunday on the next day. But this saturday(today), I'd rather stuck in the jam for 2 hours, i tell you.

Done with revision but i need to go through all those notes again just to make sure i don't miss a thing.

Saturday : Oral Biology I

Sunday : Oral Biology II

p/s: Sorry for my education-related post lately. But amazingly, I blog almost everyday! I'm not lifeless but just being hiatus from the real world. Pengorbanan. Cheh. So what's left for me other than this laptop?


kudapolo said...

don't be sorry for all the geek posts. cute ape. haha.

minum minum dan makan makan!

anyssa said...

yeay da habis. oh ini lah yang di namakan c u t i. hahahahaha.

Anonymous said...

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