Friday, May 21, 2010


Today is Friday. Its been a week since my holiday started. Usually, I woke up in grumpy swing mood realizing that my holiday is coming to its ends. Surprisingly, it did not happen to me today! I woke up with a smile and planned what to do for this weekend. Somehow, I forgot what it is like to be in a holiday.

But I still go to UiTM back and forth this week due to some works for our annual dinner next semester. I'm the treasurer for this project. Yes, I call it a project because the total amount of money that we need to collect is huge. Who wants to throw 26k infront of you face? This is a very special dinner as this would be the last dinner for the 5th year students, the first batch of dental graduates from UiTM. I can't wait for the historical and memorable moment.

I hope everything can be sorted out by next week so that all i have to do by next semester is to collect money from everyone and ready for questions from unsatisfied students who claim that rm60 is like rm6,000 for them forgetting that they receive rm6,000 form JPA every January and June.

Going back and forth also means that i have to drive from either TTDI or Kajang everyday to Shah Alam. Not like I'm not used to it. Sometimes, being a non-resident or outsider in a batch that 99.99% of them are staying at the college can be a nightmare, especially during exam week.

Its hard for you to keep up with the updated hints that spread faster than a virus. Even your close friends 'forget' to update you and leave you clueless on the exam day when others went out the hall with a big smile because they already knew the questions! And all sorts of lame answers came out from their mouth like 'oh i thought you got the text message'. Well, that happened to me in the first semester.

I learnt my lesson for the second semester. Don't expect people to tell you. You have to find it for your own sake. I prefer firsthand information rather than ask someone through phone calls or text messages. And i would ask 4 to 5 different person so that I can collect as many hints as possible because sometimes the first person might missed out some points. So you have the second, third and the rest to give you the complete clue.

Always try to improve yourself and help others because they'll help you in return. I believe in that.


y.a.n.a said...

Good luck with your event.

Seronok buat event tapi jadi treasurer mmg pressure sket.

anyssa said...

every position ada responsibility sendiri. treasurer relax sikit compared to yang lain.

thank you :)

y.a.n.a said...

i mmg rs stress jd event student.

just imagine, event student ssh nk buat event and byk sgt constraint, yg kdg2, i rs nonsense.

but, live ur dream, love ur life.