Saturday, May 15, 2010

Project Love

As mentioned before, i'll update you guys about my sister's fashion blogshop named Project Love. She has set up this blog somewhere last month and we(including me) really hope this blogshop can provide nice tops and dresses with affordable prices for pretty girls out there.

Forget about branded stuff with ridiculous price because Project Love provides you tops , dresses and accessories inspired by established brands. We only select items with best quality and most importantly it suites either hijabi or non-hijabi girls. You can always match it with cardigan, leggings, scarf etc.

No worries girls. I've tried all of them and honestly, i find it just the same like those branded tops i have*staring at all my expensive clothes*. View Project Love and make your purchase from here.

I'm wearing Vintage Playsuit from Project Love

Side View.

p/s: My double-chin is getting more obvious. Here we go Diet Day 1.


y.a.n.a said...

with or without da double chin, u still cute.


anyssa said...

it is real or the picture that make me look fat? hahahha

y.a.n.a said...

this time i nak ckp no komen. boleh?

ala nysa, perempuan mmg cmtu...ada je yg tak kena..pd hal da ok, da cantik..