Monday, May 17, 2010

exam stress

After months of hectic student life, I finally had a laid back weekend with family. I treasured all the memories of being an average student in a faculty that demands you to be prepared all the time. For instance, during Pathology class, when the lecturer asks you a question, she expects you to answer the situation from its normal state until it is infected. Where? When? You know, all sorts of 5W questions.

I know most of you are going through hard times during final exam month. Our social time have been reduced to going to the library and memorizing words that i doubt we'll remember for the next 5 years. What is the relationship between Rheumatoid Arthritis and Dentistry again?

Well that's not entirely true for me. I never believed in studying day and night day and night like there's no tomorrow. For those who noticed me during my diploma days, you'll see my face at the library everyday and you'll see my face at the cafe and lecturers' block too. I've never been able to sit in the library for the whole day. Usually after 3 hours of studying, I'll start to annoy Jannah and Nan by purposely asking them whether they are hungry or not and hoping that the answer would be a "Yes!"

Exams are important but this doesn't mean putting our life on hold. There's no point stressing out about exams. Eat, sleep and live life like a normal people. P/s: "You can be more brilliant than yesterday by stop eating Maggi today". Stop believe that! How I wish its true.

Everybody has her own ways to study. Do not compare yourself with others and stay focus with what you are reading. Don't get panic when you hear your friends are discussing the topic that you haven't read. It happens to me sometime. Discussing is not a good choice when you have no idea at all about the topic. So what I did was, I isolated myself 2 to 3 days before the exam just to get myself prepared.

Hints and past years question are important too. Make sure you get yourself updated with all the hints given by your lecturers because sometimes they don't give it straight to your face. So, jot down every words that came out from their mouths one week before the paper. Trust me.

Whether you love it or not, finish up all the lectures and dont miss any topic though you think its not important because you can never guess what is coming out. By that, you can avoid "Ish rugi tak baca! dah teringat nak baca tapi ingat kan tak penting. Menyesal gila"

Close your eyes and go through all the pages before entering the exam hall just to boost up your confidence and starts with Bismillah. You've done your part and leave the rest to god.

For me, I'm smiling like this knowing that I've done my best throughout this one year of being a dental student.

Ignore my grammar. Im writting this at 3am.

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