Thursday, May 6, 2010

bright night

i always love a place full with bright lights. there's a once stop center in Shah Alam called i-City that is showered with bright neon colored lights. it was so bright and fascinating that at one second my eyes gone mad that it can't differentiate between orange and red, okay i'm lying.

sheesh at last there's a place in Shah Alam that is worth visiting other than UiTM's library.


kudapolo said...

at last.

and that explains all the dental-related posts..

takpe, few days left n for ur xam. pastu u are back freeee..kot..temporary la..or lbh skejap dr my cuti..or..takde cuti korg punye sistem pembelajaran peleklah!

kudapolo said...

nonetheless keep reading...guten luck!

anyssa said...

oh ada cuti panjang sem ni! omg omg omg i cant wait.