Friday, May 7, 2010

visit Kajang

i narrow it down to visit Kajang instead of visit Malaysia.

when people asks me "where are you from?" I have a hard time to answer this particular question because 22 year of my life, i was grown up in two places. my grandma's house in kajang during daytime and my family's house in cheras at night, 20 mins drive from grandma's. some people said, you answer it with the place you were born. i was born in KL, so does that mean, i have to answer "i'm from KL"? the truth is, i get lost in KL more than in other places and i dont know KL that much. the streets, the buildings are alien to me. that's when good driver besides you plays a major role in your life.

or should i say," i was born in KL but i live in Cheras. Sometimes i'll be in Kajang and most of the time you'll find me at TTDI. Or One Utama. I count that as my home too. Oh and i'm studying in Shah Alam. Yeah thats basically about me"

Before my headache gets worse answering more questions asking me about Kajang , here are some random facts about that place:

Convent Kajang

Faq during ice breaking sessions was "which school you went to?" My answer is Convent Kajang. And they'll go Convent Bukit Nanas? Nooo there's a convent school in Kajang, my gawd. Hey, we have hot chicks too. why go far?

I was a Primary and Secondary Convent Kajang School student. Wondering why i combined both primary and secondary together? because they share same canteen, field, car park, pavillion(not the shopping mall but assembly area for students) and gates. so that means, you enter the same gate with your sister but she'll turn right for primary and you'll go left for secondary.

it is the second oldest school in Kajang after Kajang High School(boys school) and being used since World War II. I'm not kiding but my family's generation for girls were from Convent Kajang. My mum, aunties, sisters and my girl cousins. So imagine this, when i was in standard 6, my sister was in form 2, rows of cousins in standard 5, 4, 2 and 1. This is purely a true story.

Talking bout famous people from this school. you name it. Actress? Singer? National gymnast? National bowler? We have it all. In 1998 Comenwelth Games, Thye Chee Kiat has won gold medal in gymnastic for Malaysia. She was in Form 4 that time and i was in standard 4. There was this time, as soon as we heard the secondary's bell rang, we ran to the corridor outside of our class just to wait for Thye Chee Kiat to pass by on her way to the canteen and ask for her autograph. hahahaha i know. silly! I wonder how was the situation during Zandra Aziela's(national bowler) era.

Sate Hj, Samuri Kajang

Heard of Sate Kajang before? Hang yourself if you never heard of it. Kajang is known for its Sate. But ask me how many times i had sate in one year, my answer would be ermm during hari raya maybe? Cant recall when was the last time i had one. Being a Kajang-rian doesn't mean that we eat them everyday.

Czip Lee

This huge stationery store is the only place i could think of if i need any stationery. Spent most of my after-school times there looking for fluorescent colored papers for projects, the best mechanical pencil, test pad, exercise books for exams and many more. There is another Czip Lee's outlet in Bangsar. It was opened 2 years ago. Kajang is one step ahead in this case.

Dato' Ujang Bin Bagong

I'm not sure what is his position in Kajang but he has the right to park anywhere he likes. Yes, even in the middle of the road if he wishes too. If you are lucky and he's in a giving mood, he'll give out money to people. weird huh? unfortunately, i never had the chance. Guess i'm not lucky most of the time.

There's no other place like Kajang.

Have a good weekend people and happy holiday for UiTM students.


nadeera said...

you forget to include Metro Kajang, Sg.Congkak and Broga Hill..and now i wonder how much time u spend to wiki all those info for this entry..haha..jaga diri,balik kajang if u r free :)

anyssa said...

mana ada ujang bagong dalam wiki. hahaha. i have my own wikinyssa.

Anonymous said...

hahahahahah...ujang bagung..sye penah dpt duit...main panggil je org depan rumah suruh beli rokok..hahaahha..

anyssa said...

hahahaha siape ujang bagung or bagong which ever tu eh?

ni dapat duit mesti time mintak derma jogathon time sekolah dulu kan kan kan? hahahahah