Wednesday, July 1, 2009


perhentian stories..

basically it was a super short vacation. one night at perhentian. but it was fun tho. despite all the problems we had before going to the jetty, me n payet managed to had our own great time before nasir, alang, yaya n omar joined us.

we rent a kayak as soon as we arrived. yes, rite after we placed our bag in the dive shop n changed our clothes. kayak-ed non stop for 20 mins to the 540 steps wind mill hill n had our brunch up there. the scenery was breath taking.

540 steps up, 540 down. u do the math. twice in 1 day. again, u do the math here :) n that's the whole f-ing reason why i'm 'paralyzed yday' legs hurt man.

have you seen me in a sweating like a pig pose?
here u go
just click on the picture, n u can see how sweaty i am. my hair was all wet man!
so dont call me spoiled

he's the man
penuggu pulau yg setia

alang n yaya

ummar n payeat

i went for 2 dives. d'lagoon n tanjung basi sites.

equipment check up

dive site : tanjung basi
bottom time : 51 mins
depth : 15m

few shoutouts..


thank you for everything. from the first second i reached kelantan up till the very last second. xtau mcm mane nak ckp. thank you sbb teman. mek sa jate ko tino lonih? hahahah.. kte duk pulau cukup 5 hari.

uno, dos, tres, cua..i know i want me...u know i want me. pulau dop?


there's always next time. it's not gonna be the last time. that's for sure :) keep my words. thank you sbb masuk pulau wlupon lambat gilee. kesian kat payet. awk masuk je, trus jadi 2 hari duk pulau.


tolong la.. nak baju tuh. beli 2 deh. plss :( im begging u. n bwak sijil skali. nak register sabtu ni. sorry x dapat teman dive. but i knw u had fun wit ur new bcd. awk masuk je, payet sero 0 hari duk pulau.

tell me why my name is david archuleta. ganoo?

yaya n omar...

great to see u both. pah ni make sure team derak pulau kte cukup 10 orang. tambah alias juara n jannah. yaya, u're gorgeous :)


i know u've tried so hard to make this happen but things did not turn out to be that way. it's ok. how i wish u could join us. teman sy dive. 1st dive sy sekoyo je ngan jenny. nmpk stingray besar gilo. n bnyk trigger fish. penat main elak2 ngan jenny.

perhentian island n kelantan...

i belong to these places. i'll be back. xtau bile but i'll go there again. for sure. i left my heart n memories there :)


naaah.. i know u're not gonna read this. sorry kak nis xlayan mimin smalam. buat2 tido coz hail im dead tired n kaki kak nis sakit. thank you for the secret recipe. i love you, blood sister.

rindu semua


kudapolo said...

man, u have no idea how much i envy your holiday

anyssa said...

hehehe boleh je plan pegi next sem ramai2. u jadi planner.