Thursday, June 18, 2009

craving for more

take a look at the video first yea.

will write more detailed updates on my next post. badan sakit lagi :(

credits to icang for this video and other underwater pics. n the rest, thanks to janah, taqim n surfyeat. n nasir as well :)

do you know that everyday is the first for the rest of your life. so lets live life to the fullest.



kudapolo said...

best dowh..ingatkn sket je yg g..ramai plak?

anyssa said...

sek2 diver.hehehe. nnti cite kat next post k. malas sgt nak update skang ni.

Anonymous said...

mane bukti itu adalah kamu

anyssa said...

wet suit sy black n grey.

ade part yg 3 org tu, sy yg belah kiri skali.

wet suit alias juara ada garis2 kat tepi.

yg depan is welli(instructor) n kanan tu alias juara.


Anonymous said...

is it too expensive to have the license??

anyssa said...

ermm mine is rm900. the course itself only. exclude transportation, accomodation n etc.

but hey, once in a life time n u can use the license for the rest of ur life. so its worth it :)