Thursday, June 18, 2009

new world

ok ok updates.

its 2.40pm n i just woke up

my body is aching. sakit sgt :(

just went back from kelantan n pehetian island yday

missing everyone already :(

no worries

im going again on this 25th for another dive


a special wish to...

megat irsan bani

happy 21st birthday
wani is the greatest birthday present for you :)

i love you

many things happened when we were in kelantan. results, degree offer, cang's birthday n many more. not in the mood to publicize evrything here. maybe later.

some pics. more pics to any to enlarge..

the whole crew


ok? ok


2 nights at maleebu was fun!

boy, just went thru ur blog n saw ur msg for me. wuts wit the "have fun" thingy? hahaha.shud gossip again with u sum other time. hugs n kisses to you.

no more shopping. my money will be saved for the next dive. im officially a diver :)

janah, i love you
icang, i love you


Anonymous said...

i miss u.
no more shopping.dive,dive,dive,dive.
dan pegang tgn.seperti kata2 wan rusli.

yang penting alias ade lesen
ini tidak adil.


anyssa said...

diving rules..

no 1: never hold ur breath
no 2: diver never sleeps

erk yg part pegang tangan tu mcm nak muntah mabuk laut skit.

hannah montana dop?

miss u too.
cant wait for 25th.

fara rasep said...

best best best;p

anyssa said...

u'll learn to appreciate life in a whole different way. seriously.

adibputera said...

hehe nisa :) had fun? :)

anyssa said...

"sangat".hahha.boy boy boy.