Saturday, December 27, 2008


time : 11.30pm

have u ever feel that u want to go back home as early as possible because u know that someone is waiting for u?

have u ever feel happy but shock at the same time when u knw that someone is tracking ur life
but in a good way?that someone reminds u that u have not update ur blog today?someone is reading wut u felt n he knws u're talking bout him?i dont wanna make it obvious but seems lyke it is obvious to you.

have u ever feel that u wanna face ur enemies n show off ur result?telling them that u finally did it when they diden?*ok this is jahat.hahaha*

im ready for another 3 months of nerd life.knowing that prof tahir, one of my favourite lec is going to teach us least, 1 A dalam tangan *woot woot*

im still thinking bout my future.nak jadi ape ni?i need someone to talk dad?i dont think so.i need that someone.

rambut, cepat la panjang.nasir, betul la ckp awk.1 bulan tumbuh 8mm sbb skang rmbut sy dah panjang skit =)

oh just changed setting for blog's silent readers, kindly drop ur comment.

n to my dear friend, azhar

happy 19th birthday.

good night world, happy weekened n smile as u wake up tomorrow =)

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