Tuesday, December 16, 2008

updates =))

hello readers =))

im back.it's a blue monday.im too lazy to think n write.

saturday n sunday

my neighbour's son got married last week end. it was blast =)) since my family and this particular family are close, we were eventually involved in most of the preparations. except for me. an anti-social daughter of lokman n afizah.malas sebenarnye =) attended the ceremony on sunday aje.heee

the best part was, i had a great time with my childhood friends =D it's been ages since the last time i talked to them. they are closer to my sister since she's here 24/7 while i'm struggling with my nerd life in jengka. n buat2 banyak kerja padahal lari xnak buat kerja.hahahaha

the suck-est part was, my ex's family was there too.shitt.trashed n channeled u looooong loooong time ago n now u're back?shhhhuuuhhhh.pegi main jauh2.

pictures =)

spoilt brother.iloveyouaksi bermanja - manja.aha

n to zahid.congrats =)) u're an uncle now.i guess it was u who texted me yesday.kan hari tu phone nisa hilang.automatically, sume num pon hilang.

zahid : 'the bubbles from his lips – indicates he is ready for a French kiss'
picture of cute Ahmad Aiman Nasaie =))

good night beautiful readers.thanks for reading =)


zahed` said...

thank you gorgie ;)
alangkah indah kalaw die dh boleh call me uncle skrg. haha.
good to know u had a great weekend. kalaw ade kenduri family, i preferred to stay at home, sbb if i go, i'd certainly be the waiter, or maybe the dishwasher. bleh.

anyssa said...

oh die panggil zahid ape?uncle zahid?

zahed` said...

ayah zahed kot? dunno. kene meeting famly back again.