Sunday, December 28, 2008


time : 11.35pm

oh da 2 hari x im back readers

good evening world =)

I've been busy this whole week.going out is lyke my every day routine since holiday started.n now it has come to an going back to jengka in less than 24 hours.shit.i have not pack anything yet.

plus, im sick,this headache is killing me.i dunno how and where to start packing since my stuffs are everywhere*dat shows how unmanageable i am.aha*bought 'jengka groceries' at tesco just now.i thought of going back after new year but one of my friend told me that college registeration will be closed on 29th.i have no choice since tomorrow is 29th. =( knowing that my bitches and fifi are going back tomorrow as well makes me feel better.cang da ada kat esok boleh lepak!

i guess i will not be able to blog in this few weeks since im in jengka.the line sucks man.even if u pay 10ringgit for the so called internet-fee, that does not ensures u to get 24hours of smooth connection.believe me.

-n to you,im not blaming u.dont get me wrong.text me if u miss me.i love random moring wish n text msg.take care n be gonna miss u.

ok i need my beauty sleep.klu ada masa, i post 1 lagi blog sbelum bertolak driving to jengka.headache ni mcm bagi bad sign kat i yg i akn pening mcm ni kat jengka nnti bile clas dah start.its okay syg, one more sen to go.wohoo!

good night world.find the most comfortable spot for u to sleep ya.loves loves~

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