Friday, December 5, 2008

lovely friends and loyal enemies

it's about life and friendship in jengka.i hv bunch of lovely friends back in's kinda weird dat me, janah, sit n rara mingle around non-science students.i mean, other that science students.

jannah :) she's my closest friend in jengka.we share a lot of secrets tgether.thank god i found u in jengka.i love u monkey.i think it's about time for me to tell u one of my biggest secret.gonna see u in jengka.i miss u lyke hell!

beautiful jannah

rara :) u kwn i yg plg blur okay. i love dis lady. n jiji is her secret admirer since lyke forever.hehehe.comel! we went to medan for a great vacation together =)))

picnic at indonesia wit rara?

sit :) she's in love wit pipi.she's blur n u guys must hear her voice when she screams.nyaring gila! she's my bim n i'm bo.bim-bo =)) oh yeah, in fu
ture, sit wants to bring my daughter to salon lyke evryday =)

bimbo =)

these girls are roommates.let our kids become bestfriend yeah?

let's hv another great vacation =)

and there goes icang, fifi, pok cek, n boy n nasir =)

icang :) my friend since part 1. there will be a day called "hari berkabung" where me and janah cried all our heart out.icang remained silent till both of us stop crying.cang, i still think of u whenever i feel lyke crying.

on old pic.back to part 1 mood =)

pipi :) he's in love wit siti =)) "cantik rambut kau hari ni" selalu perasan even a small change on my appearence on dat particular day.

love u pi ! im happy for you

pok cek he's lovely.thank you sbb selalu kene layan sy.heeee.i'll wear red evrytime i wanna meet u ;p pok cek, kte xde gambar rase nak nangis =((

grabbed frm pok cek's acc

boy :) a good listener =)) n we hv secrets.rite boy?remain silent yea ;p

boy, me and nan

nasir ;) never meet u but....thank you for listening.yea, i admit, i wanna meet u good =))

along wit other many of them.but those in d list above are my sayang sayang.n i call them sayang.sayang!

besides that,we hv bunch of loyal enemies too.loyal?yea, they talk bout us all d time.isn't dat loyal?'s kinda pathetic bcoz we never befriends wit them yet, it seems lyke they know evryting bout us.weird rite?again,stalker.ngehehe.

wut we heard(CNN begerak kan!), some of them x puas hati at us during d high achievers camp in kuantan.n start la cerita mngumpat's a loooonggg story.malas nak cerita.thanks enemies.pastu, jgn la nak buat2 senyum plak bile tserempak.hypocrite okay!i suggest dat u guys keep our picture coz it last longer.

budak2 yg dbenci di nerds camp.lyke, so wut?

one more semester to go.i know i can do it!2 and half years boleh.another 6 months je pon.cant wait!!

thank you friends and enemies =))

tadaaa~ loves loves

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