Saturday, December 6, 2008

i'm officially a nerd

(suddenly, i'm freaking out ) cant stop thinking bout my-soon-to-be-out result. i think i did okay during finals except ngek ngok skit at csc paer. result will be out in less than two weeks. mayb on 17th or earlier. let's pray d best for evryone. i knew hw hard they studied.

esp my bitches. we went thru thick n thin together. we cried n shout our heart out mcm pontianak together when we were stressed. sorry for all d jerit n gaduh when im stess. =(

n boyfie, i studied wit him during d exm month. sanggup biar i lapa n mati2 xnak kuar makan sbb nak study.

to pokcek, icang, wawa n yein. pray d best for u guys since i was there n saw hw hard they put their ass on each paper. esp icang, he'll be in i1-06 at 8am evryday witout failed.belive me.n me too. without failed,tiap2 hari pegi melawat dierang.sorry for d distraction n curi newspaper =)

n nasir. i knw it's hard if u hv 2 works in d same time.working n stdying at d same time are'nt an easy task rite?hope u're going to get good result as well. thanks kadang2 kene teman i smpai 2 am.heee

n naim, i dun usually listen to ppl who asks me to study or wut not. but he successfully did it! even nan cannot make me study. i knw u r going to get 4.sorry for all d arguments. i knw sumtimes u're annoyed but wut to do kan...(anyssa kan?)

to my babe atielia, u're at uitm melaka.but i knw u worked hard too.n i miss u =)

seriously, i hv to get good result. dis is my very last chance. we're going to use it for degrre application. pffftttt. god, help me out dis time :/

some pic to share:
to nasir, its red lah.bukan hitam.see

oh n our family trip to penang has been canceled since it's school holiday, as a result, all hotels are fully booked.babi!wei sumerang, duduk la rumah. so cant wear my new dress.haihhhhh

tadaa beautiful ppl~ loves loves

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