Wednesday, December 24, 2008


good morning world

i love random morning text msg esp from d one dat i've been waiting for =)))

im too lazy to write.boy, u must hate me for dis. coz i diden write dat much. -.-"

to be successful, u must have ur own efficient way to of my not-proven way to study is by pictures/graphics. i hate words.its not in my me.i cant force my eyes to concentrate on sentence-by-sentence.i'll end up tido mcm babi then.

penang was awesome.very much similar wit kl n bangsar.2 days trip is not enough but we managed to visit most of interesting ppl, plan your journey well.d first thing u need to find is find yourself a MAP.dont ever think that if u're good in solving problem is equal to good in finding the right route or places.than u're totally wrong n u'll end up driving in da same circle over n over again esp in penang. u gotta deal with it,darling.

so pics in penang everyone =))

1st day : kek lok si temple

1st day : penang hill/bukit bendera
n i had my first fake tatoo loving it :)

1st day : next stop, nasi kandar line clear but no, we went to batu feringhi night market
looks familiar.ahaha
2nd day : cant rmmbr dis street's name but obviously in penang.hihi

he's da master behind all d retard faces dat his kids did.i love you

2nd day : toy museum
oh we love this place.took a loot of pics in here.more pics at my friendster acc ya.
im 20 ppl!hihihi

another im 20 pic.heee

2nd day : queens bay mall

i need to talk to someone but he's not here for me.too bz i guess (+ve) or annoyed (-ve)

make more love ppl~

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