Thursday, December 4, 2008

shall we start?

i think i shall start blogging since there's so many ppl keep asking "buat ape cuti ni?" some point, it annoys me.sorry guys :/ i got my own blog back in friendster.deleted.but i think i wanna try to jot sumthin on this..well basically..

3rd of dec...
went out wit nan,sit n pipi yday at mid.yea, the two love birds =)) lepak-ed at brewball then we headed to hartamas around 9.n lepak hour after dat, we sent sit to klang then pipi's turn to balik rumah.we got lost on d way kl je kot??but im lyke, where d hell am i? tu la asik naik monorail je.padan muka.reached home around 12.30am.

me sit n pipi

oh selamat ulang bulan ke-22 syg.sorry for all d lempang, sepak n maki hamun.i love you =))

4th of dec
woke up at 12pm.heeee.oh ya, ym-ing wit cang n he told me how he miss his gf.ayaww comel la.btw, cang n his gf dah lame gile.since hi skool i guess.praying d best for both of u =) cang is one of my closest froend in jengka.since part 1.n to nasir..jgn la keja berat sgt.u need rest.find d best n most comfortable sofa in d office for u to sleep on it n be good =)) i miss d same time, ym-ed wit za8.which turns to be one of my listener.heee.thank you!dunno y im telling u all those but cant stop my self.keep all our secrets yeah?

plan to hv a bbq party on 19th.ajak evryone n later will hv a sleep over wit d girls at my house.kalau boleh,all d boys as well.boleh hang out smpai pagi rite?but tengok lah dulu.i'll ask my mom n let u know yeah?

ok nadi n yas r gonna read dis.nah~!
tadaaa ~ loves loves

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