Saturday, December 6, 2008


congratulation zahid! confirm la nisa n nan x dapat. xpayah nak sedapkan hati ktorang. hahaha.

n to uknowwhoyouare..

i've tried to ignore u but i just cant. sumtimes, i purposely sign in as invisible just to check whether u're on9 or not. call me a stalker. i dun mind. in fact, i dun mind waiting for u to go on9 n buzz me. once will do. =) i think bout u whenever i feel lyke talking to sumone. whenever i feel lyke crying. n i've made u stay up till 3 am just for the sake to layan me.teheeee.sorry.cant stop myself to text u n waiting for ur reply. and as usual, after one or two, u stopped. it's okay. u're bz aite. thank u. hope u'll find sumone who is way better n take care of you. i'll pray d best for you.thank you for being a good listener.ok i shud stop. dis is crap guys.

nyte beautiful ppl.loves loves

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