Monday, December 8, 2008

after all, we're family

friday, 5th

dad : esok bwk adik2 jalan2 kl blh?sian die xpenah pegi even d national museum pon(pathetic rite?)
me : ha?malas lah. unless kte 1 family pegi. jom? esok? (sat)
dad : ha ok lah. esok siap awal2 n dtg cheras awl. (since i;ll b sleeping at my grandma's hze in kajang dat nite)

sat, 6th
i cn say dat we are'nt a super duper close family.kesian mimin(youngest sister).parents r bz fact, they're working today.sisters r bz wit their bf n frens.spoilt brother yg lepak evryday.haha.she stays at home all d time during hols.xde sape nk bwk jalan2.

so there u go. we went to "d-most-familiar-place-ever" kl.hahaha.first stop was at national palace n last stop was batu caves.we had fun n took a lot of pic as well.i'll update pics in my next post. n to u, imissuverymuch.nak web cam lagi bole?

tadaaa beautiful ppl.loves loves

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