Thursday, December 11, 2008

my mind said, "i need rest"

time : 7.26pm
mood : still in parasympathetic mood

hello beautiful ppl =))

make urself free on Dec 19th coz im inviting u to my hze for a bbq from 8 pm onwards. u cn sleepover too =))...invited most of petang2 lepak frens back in jengka(my bimbos,pipi,pok cek, boy, taqim n cang).but i doubt icang, pok cek n taqim can make it as they r in klantan during dis hols. it's okay =)) it's going to be a private bbq party for uitm frens as well as my brother's n sister's friends.

still freaking out evrytime i think of result. sumhw, i want it to be out as early as possible so dat i dun hv to think bout it anymore n enjoy d rest of my holiday peacefully = o

n i want to be lyke her =)) she's pretty.she got 4 flat since part 3 onwards. n now she's doing medic at uitm shah alam. kakak farah, i wish i cn be ur nentee(did i spelled it correctly?hee) but i think it's too ambitious since my cgpa is not dat high =/

curik frm ur friendster.heee

oh yea, one more thing. if u own an acc of friendster, myspace or facebook, kindly use ur REAL name yea?u dun have to use ur exact name as in wit ur first n last name but enough to make ppl recognize pakai nama princess la ape la.annoying offense 0_o

im too lazy n im sick of waiting

loves loves~


Nur Farah Sofia Rahim said...

OMG, that is so effin sweet adik nyssa =))))

thank u very much =)

but hey, ure beautiful and hell smart as well. there's no need to make me as an idol.we're just the same adik =)

and and, i would be the happiest ever if nyssa dapat jadi my nentee!!! omg, seriously, tolong la apply =(

anyssa said...

juz cant imagine hw u can socialize n study in d same time.cuz im d last minute person :/btw,i lovee reading ur blog.'a medic student's life'heee

fara rasep said...


farah wrote "..
there's no need to make me as an idol.we're just the same adik =).."

maknanya,u ppl are born pandai oke..

u kene anc cam farah gak so that u'll have dat pink thingy(i dunno d exact term for it.hehe) as well

Nur Farah Sofia Rahim said...

Alhamdulillah =))

tapi fara pandai juge, maybe i masuk accounts tak semestinya i bole score mcm ni.

adik nyssa score for VC's award! oh n that pink thing is a sash or a selempang in malay.ngee =)

Nur Farah Sofia Rahim said...

oh n nyssa, ya a super duper last minute person head cracks every time nak exam or test.

hehe i tot medic student's life are dull? at least i think mine is =p

anyssa said...

oh i hv 2 lovely fara nw. =))

fara dona, i'll link ur blog yeh?heee.

yea i wanna wear dat sash.juz bcoz it's pink!! more sem to go.survived for 2 n a half years.

n girls, good luck for upcoming result *freaking out*