Wednesday, December 17, 2008

at this moment :

time : 1.50am

i can't sleep

my body is having sympathetic nervous system

find yourself the most comfortable spot for you to sleep. good night readers =))


Nur Farah Sofia Rahim said...

sympathetic stimulation eyh adik nyssa? dun worry, im sure u did great, as always. best of luck yea =)))

n so i heard about the result delay. not today kan? bahh~ if i mesti dah menuympah2 uitm buat org berdebar.luckily i cuma kene check for BEL aje.aha

good luckkK!!!

anyssa said...

yea sympathetic stimulation.almost fogt than a medic student is going to read my blog.hehehe.

yes, it's not today pon.stated there,esok hate waiting n now i've waited for two fringgin days.

anyssa said...

correction : almost fgt *that a medic student is going to read my blog