Friday, July 31, 2009


boleh x nak cakap dengan orang yg x menjerit? u just dont know how annoying is annoying u can be. that's why u're my best companion, my best friend n my best enemy. sometimes, it feels good to talk to someone else.

had my lunch with blacky tenten n bubu waran. random conversation with z. then dinner with jumper n blacky tenten. "nysa boleh x kau x jmpe aku sbulan start mlm ni" hahaha. mmg x la kan. n jumper lepak dgn kasut kulit nye. if u gt the clue, all i can say is congrats!

i THINK im a good driver. nothing else that could make me more proud than driving a manual car smoothly. tremendously smooth man although mcm TER kebelakang skit time kat bukit rasta tu. kan jumper? korang la buat lawak. hilang konsentrasi sy. cehhh. padahal...

im a lazy bump. if u're searching for any lazy creature on this planet, i think you should count me in :D

the truth is, i tell my close friends bout random things

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