Monday, May 18, 2009

waterski & wakeboard champ

Padiwat "Bomb" Jaemjan, awesome wakeboard star is here in Malaysia yo!

This Hong Kong guy is such a pehhh man...PEHHH ;p

icang...mane kau?urghhh

im free this whole plan of going anywhere.except for my lepak routine lah kan. still waiting for icang's n j's confirmation on gua tempurung trip n rhythm of unity concert dis coming weekend.haih kawan kawanku, make up ur mind.heee.i on je.

i dunno whether its me being such a spoiled brat or the weather.but the heat is killing me.i have never turn on my room a/c for 5 hours straight at nite n now im doing it.usually its only 2-3 hours.n i've been drinking a lot to avoid dehydration.this is scaryyy...i guess everyone will go naked by 2019 :D cool heh.

yes, im angry.puas hati?


waniey_freakingGOOD said...

okey, not a bad idea...
yaa as if i've got da great body to showing aroud..

anyssa said...

xpe2 time tu da bnyk technology nak stay slim ;p