Sunday, May 31, 2009

boy, we miss u too :(

sorry for lacking updates,sayang sayang ku. it's weekend. n im over that "i hv to go on9 24/7" feeling coz i have other important shits to do.

went to mid valley n scored shorts n beachwear.yeah.oh n a lovely pumps which i dunno when iam able to put on it. n a gorgeous oversized handbag which i have to share it wit nadi.but it's fine wit us.take turn.heee.


icang n alang : korang mmg rugi x kua ngan tahik musey ni sbb nak kuar ngan jannah, taqim n chong.duk la klantan tu naik storm drift atas padang sekolah.huh

jannah : i knw u want to see him.sorry for being annoying.u knw i love u,lady.

boy : sorry x sempat jmpe last thursday.i went back arnd time k syg? miss u too :(

nan : iam becoming ur dream devil coz i dun cry anymore.dah besar

updates later k?gtg.derak derak derak

cepat balik


kudapolo said...

hmm,nan dh pandai bace blog skrg?

anyssa said...

i dun think so.hahaha.just in case if he's one of my silent reader.ngeh

kudapolo said...

u never know. :)

waniey_freakingGOOD said...

darl, u need to leave something for me to read, i miss your entry.

anyssa said...

sure sure :))

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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