Wednesday, May 20, 2009

are you in?

my writing mood yeay another post :)

i was looking at all pictures that were taken last semester n i miss everyone.

sumone gave me the suggestion to upload more pics in my blog.senang la nak stalk bestfriend aku tu.kan awk mungkinnn. tapi sy pasti. hahaha.

national park.
everything was fine untill our pms came.hahaha.our own theory saying that when u're super close with someone(girl), eventually ur pms cycle will be the same is proven.

lepak-ed with icang n taqim yday.alang n bodak joined later n we went to scuba equipment shops nearby hartamas n jalan universiti.alang bought a muliti-pupose knife n he was super excited with it.hahaha.n we did some vandalism with that knife.heee sorry mcd mutiara damansara.they had a loooong conversation bout scuba diving n they made me even more excited to take scuba diving lisence.sabar nisa, june is around the corner :DD

i wanna go to rhythm of unity concert this coming 23rd. no no i NEED to go bcause letto is here in kl yo! icang, teman laaa. naa..boleh la swipe card eh?

mimpi indah semua

hugs n kisses to nisa :)


Anonymous said...

i tolally agree bout the pms =)

adibputera said...

pergi mcd mutiara damansara tak ajak :(

anyssa said...

anon - i guess it's every girls' theory .)

boy - sayang, u can always join us anytime anywhere. if we were to ajak everyone, then the list goes on n on.