Thursday, May 28, 2009

please stay

im into you
i'll wait for you no matter what
that's a promise

i love random phne call but last night's call was a random call that i hate. a friend of mine called n told me a bad sorry for u.i know u love her n i still remember those dreams that u told us before.tried to calm him down by telling him silly jokes but i knw it wasnt a good idea after all.hey, that's what friends are for aite.balik kl k?see u tomorrow or friday.

dont do silly things
miracles do happen
dont worry coz everything is gonna be fine

1001 reasons


waniey_freakingGOOD said...

thx hunn...

yaa i've got the key..


huggin & kissin

anyssa said...

i lambat lagi. dec. i've got the key loong time ago n i dun need that anymore or it'll make me worse :)

sekoyo said...

1001 reason.

tahik gajoh said...

nk suruh ore tido bekah tahik muse.

anyssa said...

oii aku tau sape niiiii.

nak gambar lagi boleh?hahaha

aku tahik tahik gajah