Tuesday, May 26, 2009

blue monday

i'm having the healthiest and laziest weekend in my entire holiday untill cang buzz-ed me on ym n said that they r coming to my house for downtown, cheras. along with other 2 crime partners,alang n taqim, they reached at my place arnd 10.30pm and we went for supper and later to downtown.jalan jalan n mkn tepi jalan untill 1am and straight to "bapok haunting" in kl. i was so excited since i never had one before. tapi mcm x berjaya je. they sang me tones n tones of love songs instead.sumpah gile aku jadinye oiii.

i always wanted to have a brother.a place for me to tell all my dirty little secrets n now i have not only one but three! they're my family. "sy xnak safe" :D taqim went back to jengka dis morning.super early, 6.30am. kagum dgn semangat taqim nak study.padahal ive made him stay for another one night sbb ajak pegi downtown yg xde pape tu.wait, i have made him stay for a week! fyi, short course for uitm students started on the 18th tapi taqim baru balik hari ni.so sminggu ponteng class. jahat dooo.

talking bout my missing broadband, im going to get a new one.da surrender nak cari :( there goes my money.haih.xpe2 ade org yg lagi clumsy smpai hilang ic 4 kali ;p

sent my whitey for service at perodua.ALONE.yes such a peh mann PEHH rite?.heee. waited there for few hours since im too lazy to make an appoinment.after a few hours of waiting, there was this official car of era.fm with its crew yg mcm gelabah n poyo nak mampus as if everyone is looking at them padahal xde sape pon pandang kau.xhadap la.annoying. and after 2 days at home, im craving for mcD.grrr

pulau pehentian this coming june 26 yo! haih cepat la june.

wait, im coming


look who's back with new hair cut n getting back her fringe *winks*


fara rasep said...

sy juga ke perhentian.tp awal bulan june.hehe

anyssa said...

perhentian, here we come!