Sunday, May 24, 2009

healthy weekend

another personal record.i stayed at home today! that means, no fast food, no carbonated drinks n no inhalation of cigarettes smoke.but i need another swimming session.pls :)

not literally coz i woke up super early to send my cousin to pekeliling. then sent nenek to dialysis center. reached home arnd noon n had my 2nd sleep.woke up for the 2nd time n went back to cheras house to find my m.i.a broadband. pls muncul laaaa.n sleep again arnd 4 n woke up at 6.30.

my close friends, esp my sayangs know how bad i am when it comes to finding missing items.

cari 1st time, x jumpe
cari 2nd time, x jmpe
cari 3rd time, x jmpe
n i declare it as HILANG.

i misplaced my personal n important belongings all the time man! alzheimer gile. for instance, i thot i lost my car key untill cg said that my car key is in his car. mcm mane la boleh dlm kreta org lain. purse jgn cakap la, 20 kali kot. hp pon pernah.

if u have a guy-friend, how close is CLOSE is ur friendship. have u ever changed ur clothes infront of them? n share the same toilet? hahaha. at least i pernah.but never go beyond the limits yea. that's where the "bestfriendforever" word falls into. sek derat kito.

i dreamt about you frequently.i wonder, is this a sign or a normal behavior in sleeping cycle. jk jk jk jk.

just realised that i seldom write about my studies here. except during the month of finals.tu pon skit je. n sumhow, i dun bother to check n wait for my degree application status. i dont feel the anticipation anymore. grown up version of anyssa.hahaha. n now, im waiting for "nisa, dapat course ape?"

oh yea, for those who stalk my friend, zahid thru my blog, fyi, he is moving to new url which is do visit yea :)

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kudapolo said...

nisa, come on! dont give up! cari broadband smpi dpt!

(in a supportive tone)

anyssa said...

da check rumah cheras n kajang, xde jugak.sedih :(

adibputera said...

i think kan nysa. u tertinggal kat jengka :)

anyssa said...

i dun think so sbb i ade nmpk kat rumah before hilang :( nvm, gonna get a new one.