Saturday, May 23, 2009


guess what?i've made a personal record during j-card day at jusco ou eventho most of the stuff dat i bought weren't from jusco ;p we've been lingering+shopping around in ou from 10.46am to 6.38pm yo!

my daily routine revolves around them n i feel loved. the best part was when taqim texted me n asked to join him,icang n alang for swimming session at bestari.even when i said that i could'nt make it coz i was still at ou, they insist me to go n wait for me.heeee. bederat sokmo sek kito.


rock climbing

swimming session

rock climbing, 2 swimming sessions, dive-n-find-the-marble game, kajang for d'zul classic n 2 nights at damansara, make me miss someone.called u on the first night tp mcm xnak da mls da nak call :)

nak tido.happy weekend.

shower of happiness


kudapolo said...

bestari tu kat ner? out of curiousity

anyssa said...

apartment icang.xpayah pening2 kpala nak fikir.heee

adibputera said...

best nye korangg :(