Friday, May 8, 2009

morning of last day

good morning world
bahagia bahagia

icang, bakpo nyoo awk bagi sy website tu.mengukuhkan kedudukan sebagai stalker yg lebih berjaya.hahahaha.dah bookmark page tu!

cang is in kl.oit sape nak teman sy jalan2!!! get ur butt and bushy-hair here's ok.will be seeing u soon. like SOON....10th may. national park baby.haish baru berpisah da jmpe balik.hahahaha

letting go sumone that u think that u'll never see them again is the hardest part :(

bye sayang.nnti kte jmpe lagi.nisa datang you.

tomorrow is my last paper.then?im done with diploma yo! today is going to be the last day of everything :( im gonna miss this place.not the people.this place had thought me how to survive. *dah kau tiap2 hari berjalan, mestila boleh survive*

....special shoutout to aizat.oi bile nak jmpe?nnti rindu ktorang eh :D

are you available tonight?


fara rasep said...

wah.seronoknya graddd!!

goodluck for ur next paper.
i like "this place had thought me how to survive".

sbb im sure orang2 mcm kita yang dah biasa tinggal bandar ingat takkan dapat nak survive smpi grad masa mula2 masuk dulu tp its proven that im wrong.jengka is the best place for studies. atleast i laa yang rasa mcm tuh;))

sp how's etr?

anyssa said...

ya allh dulu time part 1, nangis mcm time i baru lahir dulu. *exaggerating* but i know sumting different is waiting for me out there.its been 3 year.from pink-painted room to classroom to pak guards ;p to lecturers.

im gonna miss every single moment.from a to z.

anyssa said...

etr ok.hopefully everyting's gonna be fine.haih bedebar ;p