Sunday, May 10, 2009

survivor.yes i am

good night world
mimpi indah

dah 3 tahun ke? :D

right after our last paper.big smile darling :D i will seat infront of her for evry paper since part 1. p/s look at your birthday present :))

the initial plan was to went back straight after dinner at phuket.but they managed to make my cry like nobody's business and delayed to the next, after we sent pok cek at the bus station arnd 8.30, lepak-ed for 2 hours and drove straight to jerantut for kereta api experience until 1.30am.n lepak again.n straight to cong's place.haih perempuan ni x penah naik kereta api do.cacat.

1.30 am at jerantut train station


bbq n swimming at lubuk yu

uitm jengka
new building for applied science and civil engineering students

share farm soon to be hostel for students.

pasar rabu.cendol cendol cendol

survivor.yes i am.

d.i.y pink painted room.

i have a reason why im not good in saying goodbye this time around.most of my friends are from different course and intake. chong+sky( dip in computer since part 5), cang+taqim+fifi+pokcek+yein+ ec crew (dip in civil engineering), boy (dip in business), nan+zahid+bean+mud+the rest (dip in plantation n ape eh? dpim), taqim (dip in civil engineering part 5). n some of then are from kelantan.there will be a high possibility that im not gonna see them again.

p/s : i wish i can tell u everything without any bad feelings. tell u that i miss u n ask where have u been. i wish i can call n text u anytime and whenever i feel like to. i love your random phone call.

next post on national park.

company profile :D website ape?


Arafia said...

congratulation on graduating, adik nyssa! =)

fara rasep said...


anyssa said...

fara sofia: thank you.skrg berdebar tggu degree plak :)

fara dona: yeay da update

Arafia said...

update me on ur graet results nnt yea! n also what course u'll be in...i'll be praying hard for u!! :D