Monday, May 4, 2009


taqim : nisa, dok mano? study dok?

nisa : kat bilik.baru balik makan.heeee

taqim : sy nak study.teman?sy cari class jap.

nisa : ok sy teman.awk cari clas dulu.bye.

so here i am! in the class.along with ah cong n siti.taqim is studying.cong tggu janah balik.hahaha.siti is watching o9-ing.

my sayang boy buzz me thu ym.its been quite sometime since the last time we lepak together.i miss this man :( so after we had a 30 mins of on9 phne call, this is what we did...ngeeee

sayang! kiss kiss

congrats to fifi n pok cek.they have graduated one minute ago! *jealous*

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