Sunday, June 7, 2009

what are friends for?

hello world
afternoon everyone

uploaded another video. told ya. i have tones of video in my lappy. this time around, zahid was in it. u figure out urself what happened or zahid will explain. hahaha.

important points :

1. first and foremost, icang, nan drive yo! see, miracles do happen. n we screamed when he took the u-turn corner coz it was....sort of dangerous. hahaha.

2. more n more attention on zahid's facial expression when we said that we're going to singapore. hahaha. sumpah kelakar zahid oii.

3. n the rest, zahid will explain ;p


4. ignore the bitchy-ness part. we just cant get enough when we are together.

5. ignore the 'rara bawak 7 dress' part. she brought 5 dresses for 24hours trip. obviously it was more than enough!

6. ignore the gossip part as soon as we left zahid with his friend(pekan). heee.

7. we werent questioning zahid's 'thank you' :)

moral of the story is..even if u're in the middle of doing something, spend a minute or two if u friend needs your help.

happy watching. you know you love me



kudapolo said...

waktu tu dh la tgh bengang moto faiq tgh takde minyak n takde angin, takkan nak caye pulak nan kelentong agi. haha. adoi, n the worst part - my thank you was questionned btw. hahaha.

syg seh kat both 'n'. haha.

anyssa said...

explained bout the 'thank you' issue. so no need to be publicized here :))


u know u love me