Saturday, June 27, 2009

such a turn off

im leaving in less than 6 hours but cang just called n informed bout something bad. bad as in BAD. ughhh. he couldn't join us due to someone's mistake :( uhh i feel like crying. kau(referring to someone else) mcm sial laa... kau da buat kwn kau nangis tau x.

to icang,

hold on sayang. it's ok. we're here with you. will be seeing u soon :(

to janah,

how i wish u could join us n we're together at this moment. through thick n thin :(

tsk tsk tsk


kudapolo said...

more beautiful pictures coming i hope.

have a great time encik.

adibputera said...

kenapa ni sayang?

anyssa said...

ok ok ok updates sayang sayang ku