Tuesday, June 23, 2009

19:19 pm

perhentian island
i wanna be here

been in silent mode this past few days. since i gt back from perhentian. sorry for the lacking updates, darlings.

no intention to make it a public affair. but.. icang, pujuk papa please :( i have no problem with 28th but it'll be better on 25th. gotta talk to u as soon as u land ur butt in malaysia.

i think im still in holiday mood. everything is just chill n take it easy for me untill atielia n others said that i nedd to apply this n that, do this n that. they were like, "medical check up dah buat? dah accept tawaran? dah print? nnti tarikh tutup dah n etc". n im like," erk? blommm. urghhh." pastu gelabah tnye zahid this n that. u must be annoyed when the next time i ask u the same question again. hahaha.

n having this postgraduate syndrom whereby my day starts at 12pm n ends arnd 4am make things worse. planned to have an early bird wake up but mission failed. woke up 10.30am instead. sigh.

bumped with lean just now. it was just a 2 mins conversation. she told me dat she's leaving to Melbourne this coming sunday. gotta lepak with her before she leaves.

chong, piju n me have our own theory. it goes like, with just ONE glance, if u notice that the time is showing a repeating numbers, it's a hint that someone is missing you. for instance 12:12am or 03:03am. you cant wait, that's the rule. cool thing aite? heee

im craving for good food. cake n choclate please. SOMEBODY CALL NINE ONE ONE!!! annoying annoying annoying :))

oh it's 19:19 pm :))


chong said...

19:19..hey,maybe everyone missing kt awk..clock kat perhentian pn da lawa sume,cz awk tgh mis kat saner..pegi la dive mase musm monsun nnt,br challengging.buat la medical check-out tu,.mase sy tulis comment ni pkul 20:34.xlawa lgsung.bodo pnyer jam.xder org mis.poor chong.

anyssa said...

kau nak aku mati ke suruh dive time monsun? gilo

bukan jam hp awk mmg 00:00. ade org rindu sentiase.

anNa|Liyana said...

somebody call 911 ek?
yep,annoying tp tula yg org suka nyanyi..thhhrr..

anNa|Liyana said...

oh ya..bila la i nk spai perhentian ni???
jeles tul tgk u gile have fun kt sana..heh.

plannye beratus-ratus kali tp hangat2 taik ayam. bencisss!

anNa|Liyana said...

sorry2 i komen byk plak..haha..
kalo u tny byk2 kt zahid da same question,i lak mmg jd kaunter pertanyaan dia..haha..but no probs la..since i da ade bad experience, yes it is..so i xnk la my frens nnt lalui bnd yg sm..lps register and u bz nk settle kn byk bnd, u'll feel like, shud i quit? haha..

Tension kena duk puncak alam nie...=( No entertainment. Night life.

anyssa said...

u're always welcome to drop comments here darling. x kesah brape bnyk pon. kat every entry pon boleh.

i might have moree fun on my next vacation at perhentian coz im now a diver :)

cheer the moment before it ends. nnti rindu.

so sentiase positive. ala i bet jengka is worse than puncak alam. klu boleh survive kat jengka, puncak alam lagi laa boleh.