Wednesday, June 24, 2009

my wonder women

everyone is being soo annoying today. cal cal, x angkat. haih.

done wit some i-need-to-do tasks today. paling penting didunia, sy bngun pkul 8.30am okay. wasnt really a good accomplishment since i wanted to wake up at 8am. snooze snooze smpai 8.30am. n wasnt easy since i slept at 3am yday n had a hugee fight. grr. sakit hati smpai nak mati.

oh yess.. i bumped with my best-est friend in the world. atielia. panjang umur. baru sebut nama kau kat previous post :) met her during the medical check up. i was lost n clumsy that time. as much as i hate going to these kind of places.

i was
mane bilik 10 ni??

then, i heard a voice
oitt NISA!!

the first question she asked me
oi apesal kau hitam sgt nih. ewww.

then her mum made it more obvious by saying
haah la anyssa da hitam. pegi mane smpai jadi mcm ni


dont be fooled by the pic coz she's naturally f-ing fair ;p
u're beautiful, love. as always

sigh. i miss this girl. eventho now we have different circles of friends, u're still my wonder women smpai mati. keep my words :)

oh oh oh. she said, i still have the same smile, laugh, black hair n attitude which are clumsy n buat muka pantat kalau bad mood even after 8 years :))

n i was in my fuggliest dressing ever. loose tee, old jeans n my hair? as if i just had a nightmare 5 minutes ago. sorry la, never thot that im gonna bump or meet with anyone. heee. keep this in mind anyssa. your friends are everywhere.

zahid, u're my superman! sometimes, i can be so annoying. or maybe all the time ;p

terpikat kali ke dua


waniey_freakingGOOD said...

i always love your black straight hair..
nampak sihat je..
not like mine..
uewww, kering kontang tak cukup air..
kene karat plak tue...
gee discusting..

Anonymous said...

okay fine,
im fucking flattered right now.
what have you done too me my so-called-missing-bestfrind??!

ilysfdm anissa lokman!
forever n eternity!!
ur my wonder woman as well love.
muah muah muah si cantik!

p/s: sila dtg rumah bole?

kudapolo said...

i believe the one of my above is the wonder women.

i'm superman btw. haha. wth.

what are friends for? ;)

adibputera said...

sayang,messy is hot kan?
so yeah,ure hot babehh! :)

anyssa said...

wanie: heee. thank you. xde colour rambut yg lagi cantik slain hitam.

atielia: babe! nnti aku dtg rumah kau. grrr. lame gile x jmpe. love u too, cantik.

anyssa said...

zahid: hehehe. at least u picked up the phone, man. haih ntah bile 'n' nak independent :(

boy :
oh sayang.
jgn kau bimbang sayang
dimana ku berada
dengan siapa ku bersama
jgn bimbang ku tetap kau yg punya